How my curriculum vitae helped me get ONE of ONLY 65 spots with of 3.000+ applicants for medical school.

Applying for medical school (or any education at a higher level) is tough with thousands of applicants for only a few spots. Many before me and many after me will experience the battle of getting into one’s dream education or school. I’ve been there, and in this article, I’m explaining what gave me the upper hand with being noticed among the many applicants. In this example, it is about getting into medical school in my country, and every country and/or school does it differently, but hopefully, this can help you or inspire you in some way.

At Copenhagen University, Denmark…

What is behind the incredible feeling of being able to achieve everything?
Here’s how it’s a matter of mindset and lifestyle.

Motivation when talking about goals is the driving factor of wanting to achieve what you’ve set out to achieve. It is about having the behavior of a go-getter. As it has been proven throughout time, to accomplish something requires hard work and consistency. Of course, sometimes it also requires a little bit of luck, but luck usually comes with hard work and dedication.

Whether we talk about extrinsic motivation, the feeling of e.g. recognition or praise from external factors, or intrinsic motivation, the internal feeling of personal fulfillment, achieving a goal is what can excite us to achieve more with…

Methods and advice on better study techniques and planning

In today’s society, there’s a great sea of knowledge to obtain after decades of studies and research. That’s a tremendous advantage for a student like myself to become a more competent educated person. Although there’s much to learn, it takes planning and a specific strategy to obtain much knowledge in a short amount of time and in the end to succeed at exams.

As a medical student at Copenhagen University, Denmark, and a published author in medical science, I get most of the knowledge I need to pass my exams in the books recommended by the university. Throughout the different…

What to know before entering a university — a university student’s advice

For many newly started students, studying at the university can be quite overwhelming when talking about the workload, and how different the life of being at the university is from previous school experiences. It’s a whole new level of learning.

Of course, for many, it is all about adjusting to the new environment, but in some cases, students drop out of not being ready or of being overwhelmed. I was thinking, how can we decrease the risk of that happening? Usually, when starting something new, we all wish to know what we are getting ourselves into. At least have gotten…

Why today’s students are damaging their own chances of getting good grades and being too fearful

Everyone’s journey is different, and not all have the same circumstances. We’ve always been told that to get into a great school, we need to achieve a high average in grades. It takes a lot of work and sacrifice. But is grades everything in today’s society? Is an average on paper a given good when we talk about the development of students?

I spent 10+ years getting into medical school in Denmark. I remember the conversations with countless teachers, asking for advice on getting better in every subject. I even recall thinking that it was a game of getting the…


Medical Student. Working as medical staff in fighting COVID-19 and at Rigshospitalet. Come join my ‘LET’s TALK’ series regarding education and health.

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